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Limited Warranty

CLEENCUT products are guaranteed for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase. CLEENCUT warrants to the Owner that if, during the warranty Term, the Products have material defects, CLEENCUT’s obligation is limited to providing the Owner with either (1) a replacement for the Products determined to be defective, or (2) a refund of the original purchase price of the Products determined to be defective. The decision to provide replacement products or a refund, as outlined in the previous sentence, is at the sole discretion of CLEENCUT. This is CLEENCUT’s maximum obligation. This Limited Warranty applies only if Products were installed in strict accordance with applicable application and instructions.

CLEENCUT is not responsible for the cost of labor for installing replacement products. CLEENCUT is not responsible for the cost of any materials other than the replacement products (as provided herein) including without limitation, sub-structure, supporting structure, etc. CLEENCUT is not responsible for the cost of removing or disposing of Products which are to be replaced. Replacement products will be warranteed only for the remainder of the original Term. Tender of payment shall extinguish all liability of CLEENCUT under this Limited Warranty and all applicable implied warranties for such claim.

Exclusions from Coverage

CLEENCUT shall not be liable under any circumstance for:

1.1 Faulty or improper application of the Products, or Products not installed in accordance with CLEENCUT’s written Installation Instructions, or damages resulting from such causes.
1.2 Use of Products in applications not permitted by applicable building codes.
1.3 Damage to any decking, fences, fence posts, railing, building or supporting structure, either exterior or interior, or any property contained therein or for injuries or damages of any kind whatsoever.
1.4 Removal, reinstallation or disposal of any Products, or for any costs associated with such, including labor, freight, or taxes, unless otherwise stated in this Limited Warranty.
1.5 Damages resulting from Acts of God (including, but without limitation, lightning, wind, hurricane, tornado, hail, flooding or other violent storm or casualty).
1.6 Damage to Products caused by movement, distortion, collapse or settling of the deck, railing, supporting structure or underlying ground.
1.7 Damage caused by improper handling, shipment and/or storage of the Products.
1.8 Damage caused by neglect, abuse, misuse or improper upkeep and maintenance.
1.9 Damage caused by factors that are beyond the control of CLEENCUT. The serviceable life of the Products is affected by several factors such as quality of installation, maintenance and normal wear and tear. These are all factors beyond CLEENCUT’s control and for which CLEENCUT makes no warranty.
1.10 Products which have been subject to unauthorized repair, opened, taken apart or otherwise modified.
1.11 Normal weathering, exposure to sunlight and extremes of weather and atmosphere which will cause any colored surface to gradually fade, chalk, or accumulate dirt or stains. The severity of any condition depends on the geographical location of the Product, the cleanliness of the air in the area, and many other influences over which CLEENCUT has no control.
1.12 Finish on any portion of the Product, such as surface scratches and/or weathering, as this is considered normal wear and tear.
1.13 Any Product which has been painted, varnished or coated over the manufacturer’s original finish.
1.14 Deterioration or damage to the Products from any cause other than an inherent manufacturing defect in the Product.