A beautiful summer afternoon. Weeds around the yard getting long. And a simple task…that wasn’t.

It was a gray cloud on what was supposed to be a beautiful day when a simple trimmer job turned into a man vs. machine battle: tangled wire, broken equipment, dead battery, waste of time, frustration…

But as exasperation met reason, the idea came in less time than it took to swing the tool at arm’s length and eliminate the problem at the source: a border, placed in the right place, to prevent weeds from growing there.

“You just had to think about it,” we were told a thousand times. Then do it.

Born at the beginning of the pandemic, the Cleencut company has triumphed against a virus and various parasites that have circulated around it over the seasons, and it is in the face of adversity that it has risen above all the challenges and now offers a product that is as unlikely as its story.

A simple idea that has come a long way since that beautiful summer afternoon.

Thanks to all our trusted partners for their precious collaboration.

Team Cleencut